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Developing Strategic Customers and Key Accounts: Contents

Developing Strategic Customers and Key Accounts


  • Executive summary
  • Part 1
  • 1 Developing strategic customers: in perspective
  • Introduction: background to the project
  • The research and its methodology
  • Just what is a strategic customer?
  • The objectives of this report
  • Headlines from the research
  • Sorting out the most from the least effective
  • Comparing the best with the worst
  • 2 Roles and responsibilities: who's in the team?
  • The value of personal relationships
  • Chairmen and managing directors/CEOs
  • Marketing and sales directors/managers
  • Other roles
  • Key findings in summary
  • 3 How and why suppliers select strategic customers
  • Customer focus and orientation
  • Calculate your own customer orientation factor
  • Selecting and developing strategic customers
  • Why develop strategic customers?
  • Whatever happened to successful partnering?
  • How are you doing with those you know?
  • Which customers have greatest strategic potential?
  • Critical success factors in strategic customer selection
  • Key findings in summary
  • 4 Securing and growing strategic customer business
  • Adopting a customer-oriented state of mind
  • Focusing sales people on tomorrow
  • Building strategic customer business
  • Developing the relationship
  • Focusing on the customer: looking in
  • Focusing on the customer: looking out
  • Differentiating your service
  • Adding value to customer relationships
  • Negotiating terms of business
  • Key findings in summary
  • 5 Key activities in locking out the competition
  • Arming for the competitive war
  • Keeping the customer in
  • Locking the competition out
  • Differentiating your service
  • Working together with strategic customers
  • Negotiating terms of business
  • Protecting your relationship
  • Key findings in summary
  • 6 Realising the benefits of strategic customer relationships
  • Achieving business objectives
  • Enhancing your company's position
  • Increasing market share and coverage
  • Improving growth and profitability
  • Reducing costs
  • Key findings in summary
  • 7 Harnessing new technologies
  • The role of tomorrow's technologies
  • Contrasting views of six technologies
  • Key findings in summary
  • 8 Strategic customers: key issues for the future
  • A look at the future
  • Growth in partnering
  • Partnering: a view from the front-line
  • Spread of electronic commerce
  • Spread and complexity of strategic alliances
  • Introduction of European Monetary Union
  • Internationalisation of trade
  • Reduction in suppliers to major competitors
  • Global/regional purchasing
  • Dynamics of global economic power
  • Key findings in summary
  • 9 A new model for strategic customer development
  • Strategic customer development model
  • Strategic customer development process
  • Example model and process applications
  • A best practice model
  • Part 2
  • Case studies
  • Brierley-Almond/ASDA
  • British Aerospace
  • IBM
  • Simon Jersey
  • Volvo Car UK
  • Willmott Dixon
  • Appendices
  • Research survey statistical summary
  • Further reading

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