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Policy Publications is an independent research and publishing company which specialises in producing research reports that help managers develop world-class company performance.


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Intelligence Briefings: Close to the Customer - The Research Team

Intelligence Briefings: Close to the Customer - The Research Team
Close to the Customer is edited by a top team of business specialists and draws on research from contributors around the world

Series Executive Editor
Professor Merlin Stone is a leading expert on customer care, customer loyalty and customer information systems. He combines his global consulting work with extensive academic involvement. He is the IBM Professor of Marketing at Surrey European Management School, University of Surrey. He is the author of 12 books on marketing and customer service, including Relationship Marketing and Direct Hit. He has worked in marketing for 20 years as a consultant, manager, academic and communicator.

Series Consultant Editor
Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas is an experienced company chairman and has advised the boards of more than 50 major companies. He was for several years course director of the Institute of Marketing's Marketing Directors' Workshop and international marketing programme. He's held visiting professorial appointments in UK and overseas universities and written more than 30 books.

Managing Editor
Peter Bartram is one of Britain's most experienced business editors and writers and is the author of 20 books.