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Managing Intellectual Capital to Grow Shareholder Value: Contents

Managing Intellectual Capital to Grow Shareholder Value: Contents

  • Executive summary
  • Intellectual Capital: the new value driver
  • Introduction: why does intellectual capital matter?
  • How the research was carried out
  • Understanding intellectual capital: definitions
  • The part intellectual capital plays in business success
  • Intellectual capital: the position today
  • Intellectual capital: a five year forward view
  • Leaders and laggards: how they stack up today
  • Five year view: how leaders stretch their advantage
  • Intellectual capital: where the growth will come
  • 3M case study: maximising intellectual capital through innovation
  • Exploiting Intellectual Capital
  • Intellectual capital: what gets measured?
  • Why Unilever focuses on key brands
  • Exploitation: when satisfaction is really delusion
  • How the satisfaction gap pinpoints exploitation potential
  • How IBM achieved record patent performance
  • Why Encyclopedia Britannica went digital
  • Intellectual capital: identifying the key exploitation drivers
  • Bass case study: using the power of branding to enhance value
  • Measuring and Valuing Intellectual Capital
  • Measurement as an indicator of serious management
  • Valuing intellectual capital: the missing management activity
  • Monitoring and valuing intellectual capital: the key methods
  • Balanced Scorecard: information for rounded decisions
  • Economic Value Added: estimating the economic profit
  • Skandia Navigator: breathing life into knowledge capital
  • Intangible Assets Monitor: focusing on three groups of assets
  • Intellectual Capital Index: harnessing five resources
  • Value Dynamics: focusing on the creation of value
  • Apion case study: establishing a framework for measuring value creation
  • The Shareholder Value Connection
  • Why creating shareholder value is so important
  • Intellectual capital as a driver of shareholder value
  • Measures of shareholder value: creating and dispensing value
  • How Diageo places a value on brands
  • Putting value creation at the centre
  • Boots Company case study: managing for value
  • The Corporate Team Driving Development
  • Who manages intellectual capital: the movers and shakers
  • Sources of external advice: what happens now
  • External advice: who will be useful in the future
  • How Debrett's won more income from a review
  • Intellectual capital: consultants muster their forces
  • Orange and Go case study
  • Managing Intellectual Capital for more Value
  • The big picture: three kinds of issues that count
  • Shaping corporate culture to exploit intellectual capital
  • Focusing on know-how: features of innovative companies
  • Intellectual capital: managing the people dimension
  • Knowledge management and the employer/employee relationship
  • Completing the picture: the role of IT and business processes
  • Knowledge management: coping with information overload
  • How BP organises knowledge sharing
  • Leading from the front: finance functions and the rest
  • Intellectual capital: what's important elsewhere in the business
  • ECsoft case study: using wisdom to translate knowledge into action
  • Reporting Intellectual Capital Achievements
  • Intellectual capital: the part communication plays
  • Communication: sharing information internally
  • Communication: spreading the word externally
  • Communication: reporting on shareholder value
  • The importance of reporting brand performance
  • Intellectual capital: frameworks for reporting value
  • Celemi case study: reporting intangible asset performance
  • Intellectual capital: the opportunity factor
  • A strategy for the future: capturing the potential
  • Intellectual capital: the attitude problem
  • Intellectual capital: new questions for analysts
  • Intellectual capital: questions for the board
  • Conclusion: the way forward
  • Appendix 1: Research study statistical summary
  • Appendix 2: Further reading

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