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Managing Intellectual Capital to Grow Shareholder Value: The Research Team

Managing Intellectual Capital to Grow Shareholder Value: The Research Team

Author: Sarah Perrin
Sarah Perrin, a qualified chartered accountant who trained with Arthur Andersen, is now a freelance writer and journalist specialising in business, finance and management. She writes regularly for a variety of magazines such as Financial Director, Accountancy and IT Consultant on topics ranging from trends in corporate finance to the growth of the mobile telecoms industry, from the impact of e-business to the changing nature of professional services. She also assists accountancy firms in writing reports, newsletters and articles and is author of the Guardian Careers Guide to Accountancy. She has worked for Accountancy Age where she was senior reporter specialising in accounting standards and insolvency. She has been occasional editor of the City diary of Londonís Evening Standard. She is a graduate of Oxford University, where she read philosophy, politics and economics.

Executive Editor: Colin Coulson-Thomas
Colin Coulson-Thomas FCA is a chairman of three companies which owe their success to exploiting intellectual capital. He is also a consultant who has advised the boards of more than 50 major companies on business performance issues. He has held visiting professorial appointments at universities in Britain, North America and Asia and is currently Professor of Competitive Studies at the National Centre for Competitiveness, Luton Business School. The latest of his 30 books is The Information Entrepreneurs.

Editor: Peter Bartram
Peter Bartram is an editor and writer who writes about business and financial topics for publications that include Accountancy Age, Financial Director and Director. The latest of his 20 books is The Perfect Project Manager.

Publisher: Chris Butler
Chris Butler is managing director of a publishing company and a former City editor of the Daily Express. He was director in charge of mergers and acquisitions for one of the City's largest PR firms.

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